Our Programs

Sankofa Gardens: Creative Community & Fresh Food Oasis

Throughout the year, volunteers from the community at large tend the land to produce bushels of nutritious, organically grown food. The harvest is shared and given to feed senior citizens and the hungry. Our annual events, including Earth Day Fest, Harvest Jubilee, The Neighborhood Market and Homecoming at Sankofa Gardens, celebrate the beauty of the seasons.

“Thank you so much for the vegetables. A little extra always helps.”

-Mrs. Davis, elderly resident

Sankofa Saturday School

Our nature stewardship program for students brings the study of reading, writing, math and science into an outdoor setting. With a focus on African American heritage, students also enjoy lessons in character, drumming, dance, visual arts and other expressions.

“I learned so much about respect for the earth and got to meet new friends!”

-K. Bomani, youth participant

What the Sankofa experience offers are lessons no textbook can ever overemphasize.”

-N. Bomani, parent/volunteer

Green Circles

Sankofa Vision is a respected green jobs advocate that has pioneered initiatives in Environmental Literacy certification and Urban Farming with local and national partners. Our knowledgeable, skilled team offers Garden Design, Installation & Educational Consulting Services for household and public projects.

“My job makes a difference because I’m helping people and the planet. I’m grateful to be earning money for college, too.”

-T. Farrow, urban farmer trainee

“Sankofa Vision is deeply committed to creating green jobs in Louisiana through programs that build the fabric of community by working in partnership with local residents.”

– M. Martinez, Green For All, Fellowship Program Manager

Sankofa Vision Community School

Plans are underway to build a learning center on our multi-acre campus in Ingleside. Our vision is to bring to life the master plan design by our partner Louisiana Tech University School of Architecture. The forthcoming Sankofa Vision Community School will give our programs room to expand, while strengthening our leadership in community development, sustainable living and cultural economy.

“This creative holistic effort is what our families and neighborhoods need today.”

-The Late Min. J.K. Livingston, community activist