Join Forces with Sankofa Vision


You can be a part of the life changing work that Sankofa Vision is doing.


You are welcome to volunteer and participate in our fee-based activities. Sankofa Vision welcomes your donations and in-kind gifts. Also, helping hands are appreciated for the monthly workday at Sankofa Gardens, every Second Saturday from 9:30 AM to 12 Noon.


Service and social groups are welcome to volunteer, join forces and host fundraisers to benefit Sankofa Vision. Organizations with an interest in strengthening families, youth development, health and wellness, environmental awareness and supporting arts and culture are excellent partners for Sankofa Vision.


Sankofa Vision appreciates in-kind gifts. Also, we have meaningful sponsorship opportunities that will bolster your visibility. Your support is welcome for the community garden, seasonal events, campus art projects, Sankofa Vision Community School and more.

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